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BNI Empowered Business Partners

BNI Empowered Business Partners
Click on the above image to download a zoomable/clickable PDF version of the above contact sheet.

For a personal introduction, please let me know. If you reach out to anyone in the contact sheet directly, please let them know Christian Pomodoro sent you.

To visit or apply to join our chapter go to our BNI Empowered Business Partners Webpage. Please put Christian Pomodoro as the person that invited you. There you can register as a visitor and contact the leadership team.

Although we welcome all open professions to apply to our chapter and welcome anyone interested to visit, we are currently looking for the following professions to join our chapter:

Graphic Designer
Web Designer
Digital Marketing


Eye Care
Personal Trainer

Immigration Law
Business Law
Intellectual Property Law

Commercial Insurance
Credit Repair
Life & Disbility Insurance

Civil/Structural Engineer

Auto/Car Repair
Auto/Car Sales
Auto/Car Body Shop
Auto/Car Detailing

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